Head Neck Shoulder & Back Massage

Causes of  Head, Neck, Shoulder and Back discomfort  irritation and pain:

Face and Scalp Irritation

The principle cause of  headaches and tension in the scalp is  tightness of the muscle that surrounds the skull. Tension occurs when you strain the muscles of your head and neck often without even realizing you have done it. Migraines consist of throbbing in your head especially on one side or behind behind your eyes. This occurs when the blood vessels in the scalp expand and the discomfort  may be triggered by certain factors such as  stress or being in  bright sunlight. The face contains a huge number of nerve receptors and, therefore a face massage can have profound effects all through the body. It can change your mood, enhance relaxation and control pain. Massage done on the face can leave people looking and feeling years younger.

Neck and shoulder irritation

Bad posture; sitting cramped over a computer at a desk or with a laptop; hunched over a steering wheel; certain sports, such as golf; and illnesses such as asthma, can all cause strain and tension to the neck and shoulders.

The chest muscles shorten and contract, causing the muscles in the upper - lower back to become overstretched. This results in rounded shoulders and tight, inflexible muscles in the neck and upper - lower back. Stretching and relaxing the chest muscles, along with kneading the shoulders, all   helps in reducing pain in the neck and shoulders. 

Our Head, Head Neck Shoulder & Back massage will help you to relieve from these problems and it's very suitable for office workers. This massage can be undertaken with you sitting at your desk at work. The massage takes about  20 - 30 minutes and can be offered to group of 2 - 5 people. 

Head Neck Shoulder & Back  Massage   1 hour   £70

For corporate/bulk buy please check Corporate Massage rate  or call  us for a quote



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